About Us

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We are a climbing company.

Lime was started in mid-2014 by Kristal and I, wherein we wanted something more from the selection of locally available climbing holds. Jops Corpus joined the company a little after our inception, completing our small band of hold makers. The need to provide setters and climbers a better selection of holds was the driving force behind the company's creation. 

We live and breathe by foam.

Since the starting days of shaping and pouring from our apartment balcony, we have since moved onto a bigger manufacturing facility in Trece Martires City, Cavite. 

In 2015 we took a budding shaper and routesetter into our fold, Boybi Sarmiento, for him to design his own line under our wing: Z13. 

Our holds are tested by a small team of climbers, Lime Beta. From Beta we gather feedback and do iterations on the individual shapes. So we guarantee that what we release is as close to complete as we possibly could.

Currently, we have several hundred individual shapes in the production lineup targeting climbers from the novices to the advanced. We have shipped to gyms domestic and abroad. Our shapes have popped up in competitions around the country including the Nationals. Our holds are easy on the skin but tough on the forearms. 

We are passionate about this sport we are in, and we will always be pushing the edges of what is possible in improving your climbing.

Keep climbing hard!