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The new Tisa Chalk Bags

Weaving is an integral part of our culture. From abaca, piña, rattan, to cotton – the fibers, designs, and patterns is as diverse as the ethnicity in these islands.

We are aiming to show our cultural heritage to a wider audience through our own, small means. A way of trying to engrain the very fibers of our Filipino DNA into something we are very familiar with: climbing.

beautiful, intricate, and has its own story to tell.

From here on in, each Tisa Chalk Bag release will feature a front panel dominated by fabrics from the Philippine ethnic groups.

We are starting with Luzon. We handpicked four designs from the Cordillera weavers for this year’s Tisa Chalk Bag. The fabrics from the Northern Luzon looms are beautiful, intricate, and has its own story to tell. Each bag is nicknamed after 4 bodies of water that flow in and out of the Cordilleras.

Design-wise, the Tisa still maintains the familiar pear-shaped body and fleece-lined interior. Only now, the bag itself is 15% larger than the last model. In addition, the front panels are paired up with hard-wearing twill for the side and back panels, making for an earth-toned colourway.

There are also nips and tucks in a few important areas:

An improved drawstring that will be resistant to chalk and dirt buildup. This should make closing and opening the main compartment hassle-free for many years.


Excess straps shouldn’t be in the way of your tie-in knots, biners, and should never catch on branches and rocks when outdoors. So, we’ve added a buckle to keep excess straps in check.


Last year’s model had the logo tag masking as a brush loop. We’ve added a proper elastic brush loop and left the logo tag alone to frolic

This year’s Tisa is the culmination of many months of planning and design. It is our way of helping the local weaving industry and showcasing the art that these weavers produce.

These Tisa Chalk Bags are now available for pre-order and will start shipping on the 12th of October

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