Lust for Lime 12 - A Photo Essay

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Lust for Lime 12 - A Photo Essay

Lust for Lime is the annual rock trip to the crags of Cebu. It is where most of the Filipino climbers come together for a week to climb, chill, party, and beer.


 Mackie placing draws up in Area 3. He has been spearheading the rocktrip since the first Lust for Lime.

Sarah inching her way up "Hait" in Cantabaco's Area 3

Erika's training has paid off as she bagged several classic lines in this crag, including Itchy Flutterby.

Dangling in Poog to take top shots of the climbers

Jumong taking a moment to rest and smile for the camera

Cyril, also known to many as "Tabion", is one of the prominent faces in the local climbing community. One of the strongest climbers hailing from Western Visayas 

Poog is another area that is separate from Cantabaco. Its a relatively new climbing area. The climbing style is different as the faces are full of pockmarks.

Looking down to check his footwork, Jayme sends Poog's longest line - Poog Special

Noel on the sweep in a multipitch climb

5 people in one ledge. Multipitch climbing brings a whole different kind of high, as literally you are higher than most of the single pitch lines

They were a little bit shaken with the whole idea of multipitch climbing initially, but the fear wore off as they got higher up the wall. Here's Ikay, Sarah, and Shamir enjoying the view from the second ledge.

It wasn't all fun in the sun during our stay. There were days with rain, mostly in the late afternoons. This added to the whole atmosphere and experience of the event though

Projects needed to be sent even if it meant going deep into the night

Climbing takes a toll on this climber's fingertips. They are battle scars that have stories behind them, which will be retold for many years to come.

Rest days meant more time to do anything fun aside from climbing. Here's Jaime's hair after his hair was braided 

RJ is barely a year into this sport yet he has gained so much experience in that short time spent. Experiences that are necessary foundations for many years of climbing.

Ynie is a local of Cantabaco and serves as a climbing guide to the many visitors this crags gets

Rochelle warming up on Pumping Station, a short line in Area 5, which used to be a trad line by the first mountaineers exploring the route offerings here

Brandon enjoying his last few hours in Cantabaco before heading back to Manila

Lust for Lime not only attracts local climbers, but those from other countries as well. Yoshi from Japan working Vina Kulafu

Some projects remain unsent. Some finally conquered. Jumong working hard on the last few moves of Guyabano

Warnit negotiating the slopers to the anchors of Black Foot

What's a climber's gathering without a party? These parties are a great way of getting to know each other, and well, letting loose on the dance floor!

As always Lust for Lime has been a blast. We're glad to have been invited to support this year's installment. 

We always leave Lust for Lime with heavy hearts which makes us long for not only the crags but the whole experience she has annually gives us.

Here is a video highlighting some of the things that happened during the event

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