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Presenting the Angular Pinches


A little back story. A few months ago, we started shaping leftover foam from our bigger shapes, with the intent of creating a hold series that would really force a climber to use a pinch.

We aggressively sloped all the parts of the hold except for the gripping sections. This resulted in the Angular Pinches, which we are very proud to present to you today.

Even though the molds for these have been done a while ago, we waited before releasing them for mass production. We sent these to both legs of the National Bouldering Comps to be tested and thrashed. They faired well in our opinion, so we moved to the next phase - production.

Presented as a set ranging from small to medium sizes. The holds have a slight taper to the pinch areas for a comfortable grip. As we always do, we hollowed-out the larger shapes for a little weight-saving. These have set screw holes with larger than usual embedded washers for a bomber hold on and off comp setting.

We hope to see these boys on your wall. Cheers!

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