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About Our Chalk Bags

We are ready to show you a side project we've been secretly brewing inside our factory.


Chalk bags! We've been thinking about releasing our own line of chalk bags even since our inception as a company last year.

We took the time to design these, making sure everything fit together perfectly – from the lining to the stitches.

With regards to the design, it's as simple as a chalk bag can get – just the way design should be. The bag is pear-shaped with a wide mouth and gets out of your way when chalking up on especially pumpy routes and problems. Soft fleece inner lining, and a belt that fits snuggly to the bag to avoid losing it (we have lost our chalk bag belts way too many times).

These come in gray, pink, and camo in burly ballistic nylon fabric; these should take a beating and last a really, really long time.

Head on over to the product page to get yours now.

Happy chalking!


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