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Introducing the Stout Pinches, Yammers, and Quad Edges

Several months ago, a request came in from Karl & Buddy to make system holds for their home wall. We jumped in as it was a great way to address the training needs of climbers.

After feedbacks and hundreds of hours of shaping and prototyping to get the holds just right, we are happy to introduce the Stout Pinches, Yammers, and Quad Edges.

The Stout Pinches come in pairs and taper from a wide, open pinch to a sloper at the rear. We've tested these on angles up to 45 degrees, so its safe to place these up to that degree, but of course, you may bolt these on a roof if you wish so.

These may be geared towards training walls, but we've not left out our routesetters. The Stout Pinches are hollowed out, sporting new sturdier support ribs, so it'll be easy to haul up and down the wall; plus a set screw hole to avoid spinners.

We've been enjoying bouldering on these since placing them at the gym a few weeks back. You may check this hold at Centro Atletico's boulder wall. It's smack dab in the center.

The Yammers are rounded mouths that are just right for your pocket needs. They visually scream at you to grab them—hence the name. 

They come as four in a set. These are pockets to be ideally placed on angles 30 degrees or more. They fit three fingers at most, and are two-finger pads in size. Each pocket comes in at just 300 grams, so are fairly light.

The last item on our list are the Quad Edges. The usable areas are a pad in size, and can easily fit four fingertips for a crimp. We won't recommend these holds on a flat wall as the edge may bite onto your finger joints.

We hope you are as excited to get cranking on these shapes as we are.

In an upcoming post we will be announcing a few more additions to this collection and a training set intended for home hangboards. Please do keep an eye out for that!


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