2014, yearend -

First of many years

Another year has come to an end; it has been roughly six months since bringing Lime to the world.

Back in June, we started experimenting with shaping and casting our own holds. After a few batches of test pours, we were able to use a handful of these holds in Tacloban’s annual climbing comp.

Seeing our holds from a foam model to finally being climbed on is very satisfying. Seeing climbers fall off and curse the holds (ourselves included) is even more so.

Several events have happened since June. These were pivotal in bringing us to 2015 and onwards:

We made our first ever shipment last August. A batch of bullies to Greyhound Climbing Gym in Dumaguete. It was a milestone for us. This may mean nothing to you, but from our viewpoint, it’s everything. It is validation for our product and brand. We’ve shipped to several more gyms after that.

Young, Wild, and Free Series partnered with us for this year’s legs, and of course, we were more than happy to use a few test pieces here. We even shaped the final trophies for the youngins, and that small side project was an eye-opener in terms of how we could improve our moulding process.

In terms of moulds, we’ve learned so much on structural soundness of our hollowbacks, or how it lacks thereof.

Initially, our support ribs for the bolt column were so tiny that eventually the bottom portion of the column would crack; it was not a catastrophic damage rendering the holds unusable, but still a damage nonetheless. Our upcoming shapes will be sporting beefier ribs.

Shapes. We have to admit that our shaping only happens on weekends and off work, slowing down output (Lime only has five hold sets as of this writing). We feel this is better than putting out a gazillion useless holds that won’t be used by setters. Slow and steady.

We’ve mentioned a couple of posts back that we had a beta group — a place where we get to test and receive feedback on upcoming products. We’ve added several key individuals this year to that group. Mackie Makinano, Giovann Torres, and Jops Corpus. We’ve gathered so much insight and support from these people that we won’t be here writing a year-ender post without them. We are hoping to grow that list of hold geeks next year.

Furthermore, about 3 months ago, we moved all our pouring to Cavite from our apartment balcony for two reasons: 1) the fumes from the plastic were flooding the hallways of the building. The security guards were always banging on our doors. And 2), we were running out of space for our moulds. Sir Jojo Corpus was kind enough to allow us to do our production in their third floor space, which was very ventilated and away from most houses.

Sir Jojo was a major support to Lime. His insights into craftsmanship helped us a ton. He may have gone before us, but his spirit will always be engrained with everything we do and everything we put out.

2014 was a year of learning for us at Lime – from knowing what silicone rubber was, to growing a brand and making an impact in the community with our plastic shapes.

There were so many, albeit a million, stumbles, but we are here now, more knowledgeable and more prepared to dive head first into the industry than what we were just six months ago.

To cap things off, we would like to say “thank you” to everyone in the Philippine Rock Climbing scene for the warm welcome.

We are Lime.


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