Lust For Lime X


Two weeks ago we flew down to Central Visayas to attend Lust for Lime, now on its 10th year; 10 years of climbing is reason alone to not miss this one.

The crag itself is separated into five areas, with climbing diversified from multi-pitch climbs to single-pitch hard routes at the upper areas. Lust for Lime has been the brainchild of Mackie Makinano – Kuya Mackie to many Filipino climbers. He also is a main mover in the development of not only Cantabaco, but many other crags in the country.


Lust for Lime is not merely a climbing trip. It is an avenue to meet climbers from almost every island in the country, and to a certain point, climbers from other parts of the world.


There are several lectures spanning the multi-day event – basic sport climbing, proper gear usage, bolting. All of these lectures are aimed at enhancing what one knows about rock climbing, leaving a climber a little more knowledgeable of the sport and a little more aware of the safety checks he needs to take.


Aside from the climbing, there are the socials and gatherings. Climbing in the Philippines will never be complete without these. Socials happen after a day at the crag and are avenues for talking about the day's ascents and falls, about projects, and everything under the climbing sun. These are chances to listen to other climber's stories. Oftentimes the stories leave you in awe of other's experiences and the places they've been to. It makes you want to be out there, climbing more.



This year's Lust for Lime, like previous years, concluded with a Halloween party. For some, it was a blast, for several more it was a blur... The party was happening with a DJ, dance, lights, costumes, and booze that never seemed to end. ’Awesome’ is an understatement.



Like most crags, Cantabaco has this appeal that is specific to it. The rusty, old vans that you take, the winding mountain road through Manipis, the Lutopan chicken, the laid back lifestyle of the baranggay, the sheer number of great routes. These alone leaves you needing to come back; Lust for Lime magnifies all these a hundred fold and then some.


See you all next year!



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