First Pour

Hello and welcome to Lime!

This is just a primer on why on Earth we are here.

Lime is manned by me and my girlfriend, Kristal. As how any other hold maker starts out, we're small yes. We do our shaping and pouring in our apartment here in Pasig.

Never was it in our 2014 Todo to start a climbing hold company.

A few months back we wanted to order holds from US-based Etch to replace our aging holds over at Bukid Outdoor Shop, but were put off by the cost and time it would take to get those over. So, we thought of just making our own. We started Googling, YouTube-ing, asking around, emailing established hold makers (only one answered mind you. They're very secretive), sanding varying types of foams, experimenting with our mixtures until we were able to create our first hold.

This experimentation went on for a few months until we got our mixtures about right. We initially announced our plans to our hometown climbing circle, and brought a few holds to test out during Bukid's annual The Worlds Climbing Competition last June.

After feedbacks and tweaks to our shapes, we are here now on launch day with around 20 shapes in different sets for you to have and enjoy.

Competition. No bullcrap, but we see Lime as our outlet for design and art. We don't see ourselves as competition to the established hold makers in the country. This is more of a testament to what Jood, XB, Astro, Inca, Dennis and Proxstone started.

We stand here so indoor gyms and owners of home woodies would have a further selection of shapes to add to their walls – in a macro view, try and help push the local climbing scene forward.

So what's next for us? Obviously there will be a lot more pouring and shaping. We have a gazillion more ideas for shapes. When you start shaping, you just see handholds everywhere and in everything...

When we can already afford it, we may look into expanding our testers for Lime Beta, our group/network of climbers and setters who try and thrash our holds in order to refine the ergonomics and durability.

We may also move to other stuff aside from holds, so watch out for those.

That's it. Thank you and hopefully you won't stop supporting us! See you on the walls!



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