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2016, Climb Philippines, Lust For Lime -

Lust for Lime is the annual rock trip to the crags of Cebu. It is where most of the Filipino climbers come together for a week to climb, chill, party, and beer.

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2016, Tisa, update -

We are aiming to show our cultural heritage to a wider audience through our own, small means. A way of trying to engrain the very fibers of our Filipino DNA into something we are very familiar with: climbing.

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2015, Interview, Miel Pahati -

This is a two-part interview with one of the Philippine's most well-known rock climbers, Miel Pahati. 

Miel has been at the forefront of the country's climbing scene, from establishing first ascents to teaching the next generation of climbers. Let's read more into his climbing life.

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2015, Interview, Mikhail Gorra -

We head down to Mindanao to interview Mikhail Gorra of Guru Rock Climbing Gym. He gives insights into owning a climbing gym, the ins and outs of the gym business, and the state of climbing in Cagayan De Oro City.

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holds, update -

After months of tweaks, retweaks to the shape, testing, and retesting we are to present the Angular Pinches

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